Yumble Review of Kids Meal Delivery Subscription

Yumble Review

Yumble is a convenient meal delivery subscription for kids lunches. Choose 6, 8, or 12 meals delivered each week. When your kids are hungry, Yumble meals are ready. Just microwave and serve for a quick lunch.

Review of Yumble Subscription Box Details


Yumble Meals are delivered in an insulated box so the kids meals stay fresh.

How Much Does Yumble Cost?

Yumble Pricing: Yumble costs between $5.99 – $7.99 per meal. If you buy 12 meals per week then the price is the lowest at $5.99 per meal.

Packaged Fresh

Yumble kids meals are fresh, never frozen. Meals are conveniently packaged as individual lunch servings.

Kids Meals

Yumble’s Chicken Marinara & Alfredo Kids Meal is made with chicken nuggets, marina sauce underneath, and a side of pasta in cheese sauce. The meals are kid friendly and small portioned.

Ready to Eat

After microwaving the kids meal for 90 seconds, it’s ready to eat! Your first Yumble box comes with a silicone mat to place hot meals on.

Food Facts

Nutrition facts are on the back of the kids meal label.

Yumble’s chicken meatballs with a side of cheesy pasta and broccoli has 310 calories.

Veggie Chili Bowl

If you want to mix it up, opt for this vegetarian chili over brown rice lunch instead of pasta. This meal is also served with broccoli.

For Picky Eaters

If your children are picky eaters, you can stick to the classics. This Creamy Mac N Trees meal tasted much like the other pasta meals.

Vegetarian Options

Yumble’s Vegetarian Bean Burrito meal with corn is much like the chili bowl except with a tortilla.

Yumble Review Summary

Yumble Meals Kids Meal Delivery Subscription

Our overall impression of Yumble kids meals are they taste good and offer food options most kids will eat. The majority of their meal options include pasta, broccoli, cheese sauce/toppings, and chicken nuggets.

The serving size is good for kids. However, the price per serving seems high for the amount and type of food received. For busy professionals, the price may be well worth the convenience of ready to serve lunch. If you can afford the price, order 12 and stick any extras for the week in the freezer. Get your first Yumble delivery by clicking here.

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