VitaFive Review: Custom Gummy Vitamins are a Daily Treat!

VitaFive Review: Custom Gummy Vitamins are a Daily Treat!


VitaFive custom gummy vitamins are a daily treat for you and your kids.  No need to buy fruit snacks as these vitamins are as tasty as they get!  Each box contains a two week supply of vitamins customized based on your vitamin preference.  They’re especially useful for families as each pack comes personalized with your name on it!  No more mixing up vitamins with the kids.

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Health without the Hassle!


vitafive immune vitamin gummies

Don’t know which vitamins you need?

Don’t worry, vitafive has health packs that contain different combinations of vitamins formulated by a dietitian.  You’ll get a one month supply delivered to your door every 4 weeks.


vitafive subscription review

vitafive facts

  • Each Box contains a 2 week supply (each delivery has 28 day supply)
  • Delivered every 4 weeks
  • Personalized vitamin choice
  • Your name on the back of each packet
  • Gluten-free, Vegetarian, Kosher & Halal
  • No artificial sweeteners or coloring
  • Dietitian approved
  • vitafive Cost: $14.99 & up


vitafive Immune Pack Review

vitafive review immune packs

We tried the Immune Pack for our vitafive Review and we’re hoping they’ll help fight against any bugs going around.

vitafive Immune Pack Details

Inside vitafive’s Immune Packs are 3 Vitamin C and 2 Vitamin D3. Vitamin C has proven effective in reducing the duration of the common cold by supporting the function of two types of immune cells: phagoctyes and t-cells. Vitamin C protects the body from erroneous immunological activity, like excessive inflammation, the foundation of many ailments. Vitamin D plays a leading role in modulating immune responsiveness by regulating the production and differentiation of various cell types that defend against foreign invaders.


Customized Vitamin Packs with Your Name

Vitafive can send each member of your family a personalized vitamin gummy pack!

Vitafive Review Conclusion

Vitafive gummy vitamin packs are a tasty alternative to traditional vitamins.  If you’re having difficulty remembering to take your vitamins, you won’t forget these.  They are so tasty you will look forward to eating them as a snack every day.  Their convenient packaging makes them easy to take on the go or distribute to the appropriate person.

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