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Try The World Countries Box

Try The World Review + Try The World Coupon $10 OFF

Try The World Review: Ever wanted to experience new cultures through cuisine?  Now you can taste delicious delicacies from different countries each month with a subscription from Try The World.

Try The World – How It Works

Receive gourmet delicacies from a new country every month.

·         3 Boxes to choose from: Countries, Snacks, Pantry

·         Choose from month-to-month, 3, 6, or 12 month plans

Try The World Countries Box Cost: $29 – $39 per month

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Try The World Countries Box

Try The World Review January 2017 – Countries Box

January’s Try the World Box welcomes you to Greece with 8 specialty foods and chef recommendations on ways to eat them.  Make the most out of your Try The World experience by preparing the recipes found on the back of the Culture Guide.

Try the World Review

What’s in January’s Greece Box?

Try The World Culture Guide

Learn all about the Greek food you’re eating and where it comes from in the Try The World Culture Guide.  A detailed map shows you which regions of Greece you’re supporting with your Try The World subscription.  Flip it over and make traditional Greek recipes curated by Chef Diane Kochilas using the specialty foods in your box.

Try the World Culture Guide

Rosemary – infused Olive Oil

Your Greece box comes with a 3.38 oz bottle of rosemary-infused extra virgin olive oil made by Delicious Crete.  This is our favorite item in the box as we like the extra flavor it brings and we’re able to get many uses out it.  Use it with the trahanas recipe on the back of the Culture Guide, dress a salad, or serve it with bread.

Try the World January 2017 Box

Spicy Pepper Paste with Feta Cheese

Our second favorite, this spicy pepper paste made by Artion makes a good dip or topping for the Breadsticks (also in the box).  You can add the paste to pasta or mix it into a sauce.  The jar is 3.52 oz.

Try the World Review

Tzatziki Spice Mix

The spice blend in this Tzatziki Mix is used for a traditional Greek yogurt dip.  Add yogurt (we use Fage) and olive oil to the mix.  Use it as a dip, enjoy with souvlaki, or serve it with keftedes (recipe in Culture Guide).  It tastes great with pita bread.

Try The World Review Greece Box


These breadsticks are made by Baking Stories with stone-ground wheat flour and all natural ingredients.  Eat them with the Spicy Pepper Paste (what we did), crush them into breadcrumbs as a topping, or enjoy with a side of olives.

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These hand-wrapped dolmas are made with grape leaves and stuffed with rice, dill, mint, and onions.  The Palirria family has committed to wrapping their fresh dolmas by hand since opening in 1957.  You get a 7 oz. can of dolmas.

Try the World Review + Coupon

Try the World Review Jan

Trahana Sweet by 776 Deluxe

This Grecian pasta was an ancient staple used by shepherds in porridges and soups.  It is still used today in soups, stews, and pasta salads.  Try it in the trahana soup recipe in the Culture Guide.  You get a 0.5 lb box of Trahana which makes 4 servings.


PasteliTry The World Review Greece Box

Pasteli is a traditional Greek confection made with sesame seeds and honey.  This sesame seed bar has been made since the 1950’s by the Vasilissa family and is GMO and gluten-free.  The package contains 1 bar.

Kourambies Biscuit

For dessert, these kourambies crumble softly apart in your mouth.  Made by Sweet Magic, these light buttery biscuits topped with powdered sugar are hand-packaged and taste similar to a shortbread cookie.  Eat these dipped in coffee, tea, or milk or crumble them on ice cream.  The 4.4 oz box has 8 biscuits in them, but they break apart easily so we had to be gentle getting them out.

Try The World Review + Coupon

Try The World Packaging Review

I love that the Try The World packaging is a stylish reusable cardboard box.  It’s great for reusing as a craft box or storage container.

Try The World PackagingTry The World Packaging Review

Try The World Review Greece Box January 2017

Try The World gives you a cultural experience with a box of gourmet food items from a different country each month.  We enjoyed reading about the history of the food, where it comes from, and who we are supporting with our Try the World purchase.  The subscription is great for families wanting to teach their kids about new cultures and is a fun way to try new foods.

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