Sun Basket Review January 2017 + Coupon

Sun Basket Review

Sun Basket Review January 2017 + Sun Basket 3 Free Meals Coupon

Sun Basket Review January: We tried Sun Basket’s Lean & Clean meals for January; they were so flavorful (and healthy) you’ll be asking to eat these meals all the time.  Make dinner easy with Sun Basket.  See the meals we selected and our full Sun Basket review below.

Eat Clean in 2017 - Get 3 FREE meals

Sun Basket How It Works

Sun Basket delivers organic, farm fresh ingredients and recipes to go with them on a weekly basis to your door.  They work with the best farms, ranchers, and fishermen to bring Sun Basket’s certified organic food delivery service, valuing sustainable farming practices, the humane treatment of animals, and respect for the environment.

  • Meals take about 30 minutes to prepare
  • Nutritionist–approved recipes with 500–800 calories per serving
  • Organic, non–GMO produce, responsibly–raised, hormone–free meats & sustainably sourced seafood
  • Easy–to–follow recipe cards and online tutorials
  • Eco–Friendly Returnable Packaging
  • FREE delivery – Sun Basket includes free delivery to your home or office

Sun Basket Cost: $11.49 – $9.99/serving

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Sun Basket Meal Delivery Service

Sun Basket Meal Plans

Choose from the classic menu or family plan with additional options based on your dietary needs.

Sun Basket Classic Menu

Sun Basket Family Menu

·         Paleo, Gluten-Free, Vegetarian and Breakfast options

·         Select any recipe you like, regardless of your meal plan

·         Choose 3 recipes per week for 2 or 4 people

·         Kid-friendly flavors with Gluten-Free and Vegetarian options

·         Co-created by Chef Tyler Florence of the Food Network

·         Choose 2 or 4 recipes per week for 4 people

Sun Basket Meal Options

  • Sun Basket Paleo Meals: Each week get a Sun Basket food delivery of quick, low carb Paleo recipes, fresh organic produce, and sustainably sourced meats and seafood. You’ll never get bored of the Paleo diet with new recipes to cook each week!
  • Gluten-Free: Sun Basket’s Gluten-free menu includes 3 gluten-free recipes and fresh ingredients, like organic produce, sustainably sourced meats and seafood, plus healthy gluten-free grains.
  • Sun Basket Vegetarian Box: Each week, Sun Basket delivery includes three delicious meatless recipes and fresh ingredients, with an emphasis on organic, seasonal produce and nutritious plant-based proteins.
  • Seasonal Menu – Sun Basket Lean & Clean Meals: Sun Basket added lean and clean meals on their weekly menu for January to help you get started on your 2017 resolutions with 30 Days of Sun Basket.

Sun Basket Promo Get 3 FREE Family Menu Meals from Sun Basket! Fresh organic, non-GMO ingredients and kid-friendly recipes delivered!

Sun Basket Review

Sun Basket Review January 2017

To jump start our plan for healthy eating this year, we decided to try Sun Basket’s Lean & Clean meals for January.  They were AMAZING!  I found another favorite Sun Basket recipe to add to my collection and recreate later (get the recipe here).

Free yourself from the what’s for dinner dilemma.  Try Sun Basket’s healthy meal selections and get everything you need delivered to your door.

Sun Basket Meal Selections

We selected the Sun Basket meal plan for 2 people with 3 recipes per week for our Sun Basket review.  Our favorite meal this week was the Banh Mi Chicken Salad which had incredible flavor with only 590 calories!

Sun Basket ReviewSun Basket ReviewSun Basket Review

Banh Mi Chicken Salad

·          Lean & Clean Selection

·          590 calories/serving

·          Gluten-Free

Get the recipe here.

Masala Chickpea-Kale Curry

·          Lean & Clean Selection

·          630 calories/serving

·          Gluten-Free & Vegetarian

Get the recipe here.

Turkey Meatballs & Curried Cauliflower

·          Nutritionist’s Favorite

·          660 calories/serving

·          Paleo & Gluten-Free

Get the recipe here.

Sun Basket Review

The Banhi Mi Chicken Salad was easy to cook, fresh, flavorful, and delicious.  Try it using the recipe link above.  It’s another favorite recipe of mine found through Sun Basket!

Sun Basket Review January + Sun Basket 3 Free Meals Coupon

The Masala chickpea-kale curry with red rice was a flavorful mild curry.  Hence those who don’t usually like curry may find this meal appetizing as well.  The coconut milk gave it a smooth, buttery taste.

Sun Basket Review

The Tomato-braised turkey meatballs with zucchini and curried cauliflower brings a twist to a traditional marinara pasta dish.  Using cauliflower and zucchini instead of a pasta or grain makes this gluten-free meal nutritious without the high calories.  Moreover, you can experience new flavors with spices you may never have thought to try.

Sun Basket Packaging Review

Sun Basket Packaging

Sun Basket’s weekly delivery comes insulated in a recyclable cardboard box that you can ship back after opening.  Since the box comes well insulated, there’s no need to worry about leaving it on the porch all day.  The ingredients stay fresh until they make it to your refrigerator.  In addition, all meals are individually packaged in brown paper bags with all of the ingredients inside making them easy to pull out when you’re ready to cook.  The meat is packaged separately at the bottom of the box under the ice packs to keep it extra cold.

All your resolutions in one delicious delivery

Sun Basket Benefits

·         Nutritious meals planned for you

·         Delivered to your door

·         Learn how to cook

·         Enjoy diversity of recipes

Sun Basket Review January + Sun Basket Coupon 3 Free MealsSun Basket Review January 2017

Sun Basket’s healthy meal selections offer diversity and convenience for busy lifestyles.  Select their extra meal options during special times of the year including January’s Lean & Clean selections, or Thanksgiving sides are an added bonus.  If you’re tired of cooking the same thing week after week, looking to get healthier, or just want to save time and eat out less, give them a try.


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