Takeout Kit – Meal Box

Takeout Kit – Enjoy a Global Meal Kit for your schedule, designed with a 2 month shelf life to relieve “meal kit anxiety” so you can stop worrying about cooking and get your life back!  Order, cook, enjoy on your time!



Takeout Kit Meals

Takeout Kit – Meal Box

Takeout Kit – Enjoy global meal kits to cook at home.  Kits have 2 month shelf lives and include all ingredients to cook 4 servings.

How does Takeout Kit work?

  • Choose from flavorful meal kits with global dishes
  • Subscribe or purchase a Takeout Kit individually
  • Cook When You’re Ready

Takeout Kit Review

Since the Takeout Kit has a 2 month shelf life, you can order now and cook at your leisure.  That means you don’t have to worry about food going bad in the fridge and you can always have a backup meal on hand.  If you have a busy lifestyle and don’t want to waste food that you forgot to cook in time, this box is for you.  Plus, choose from a selection of meals with global themes.

Takeout Kit Recipe Card

Takeout Kit Review Recipe Card

How Is Takeout Kit different from other Meal Delivery Services?

The Takeout Kit meal box is shelf stable, meaning the food won’t go bad if it’s sitting out or in the fridge for a couple of weeks.  Thus the main difference between Takeout Kit and other meal delivery boxes is that with Takeout Kit, your meals are made from packaged ingredients – in a sealed bag, can, jar, or other package.  Other meal delivery kits come with fresh ingredients that need to be cooked or frozen the week of delivery.  In addition, Takeout Kits can be ordered individually by kit or with a subscription option.
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