Homestead Box Subscription

Achieve your goals of self-sufficiency with The Homestead Box subscription.  Get your project based collection of curated items delivered monthly.



The Homestead Box Subscription for homesteadersThe Homestead Box Subscription

The Homestead Box Subscription is a monthly subscription box for project-based tools, materials & information delivered to your door.

  • Choose between 2 boxes — Pioneer or Classic
  • Project themed boxes ship mid-month
  • Seasonal or project oriented boxes
  • Become self-sufficient

What’s In The Homestead Box?

Every subscriber will receive an intro box that contains the items needed to maintain your homestead tools.  Items include tool and blade sharpening products, a file, cleaning products, a knife, and more.  The Pioneer intro box also contains a hatchet.

 Sustainable Living

The self-sufficient life is at hand! Learn with The Homestead Box as they tackle projects that give you life long skills.



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