Scentbird Review

Scentbird Review

Scentbird Review: Addicted to Smelling Scentbird Perfume


Scentbird’s designer fragrance subscription will excite your senses monthly!

The Subscription: Scentbird introduces you to a designer mini perfume delivered to you every month.  Choose from 350+ scents and get a 30 day supply of a designer fragrance that will last you 4 sprays per day.  Scentbird offers a fragrance subscription for women and Scentbird Men offers designer cologne.  When you get started with Scentbird, they’ll walk you through a series of questions to determine your scent preference and give you personalized recommendations.

Cost: $14.95/month

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Scentbird Spray

Scentbird Review: We couldn’t wait to get our first Scentbird perfume subscription in the mail.  I opened the package to a palm size perfume bottle tucked away in a soft black bag.  My immediate reaction was this perfume is great for travel.  You don’t have to worry about carrying a full size bottle and having it leak everywhere.  Just twist the perfume bottle and the top will pop up like lipstick.  Then spray and twist back for storage.  This will be fantastic to take on my trip next week!

The perfume I picked from Scentbird’s recommendations was spot-on for me.  My Scentbird preferences were tailored towards sweet scents and the beach.  Because I thought the name was fun, I tried Givenchy Play For Her Intense and I pretty much became instantly addicted to it.  The smell is light and lingers for hours.

It’s now another one of my favorite perfumes.  I LOVE the smell and can’t get enough.  To give you a sense of what else I like, my current favorite perfumes are Acqua di Gioia by Giorgio Armani and Rose The One by Dolce & Gabbana.  Now you can check them out on Scentbird for only $14.95! 

Scentbird’s unique perfume subscription service is perfect for anyone looking to try new scents or switch it up every so often to excite your senses.  Scentbird makes a great bridesmaid gift or a special surprise gift for women/men in your life.  Bottom line when it comes to fragrances, Scentbird offers inexpensive designer perfume that you can try without feeling guilty!

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