Plan Your Holiday Party Meals with Sun Basket + 3 Free Meals

Labor Day Parties!

Plan Your Holiday Party Meals with Sun Basket 3 Free Meals


Impress your guests with a delicious Sun Basket dinner.  Leave the holiday party meal planning to Sun Basket this year by doubling or tripling your next recipe!  If you double up on a single recipe you’ve got delicious food for 4 people, triple up and you’ve got enough to feed 6!

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Sun Basket 3 Meals Free

Leave the planning and shopping to Sun Basket – you can feed a crowd and check one more thing off your party planning list.

Sun Basket How It Works

How Sun Basket works.

What Makes Sun Basket Different From Other Meal Delivery Services?

How Sun Basket is different.

Want more details?  Read our Comparison of Blue Apron vs Hello Fresh vs Sun Basket and Everything You Need to Know About Meal Delivery Services.

This Week on Sun Basket’s Menu for September

Sun Basket’s Salmon Dinner is the perfect example of an elegant, easy to cook holiday party meal!

Sun Basket 3 Free Meals

Sun Basket Dinner Recipe – Salmon in parchment with lemon & dill

  • 30 MIN

Fish baked in parchment looks so elegant, people often assume it must be hard to do. But it’s not only easy, it also there’s one less pan to wash. For an equally show-stopping side dish, seared slices of summer squash are drizzled with sweet-smoky romesco sauce.  View this Sun Basket Recipe here.

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