Pet Gift Box Review + Coupon + Giveaway!

Pet Gift Box Subscription Review and Coupon

Pet Gift Box Review + $5 Off Coupon + Enter to Win Giveaway!

Pet Gift Box Review:  Surprise your pet monthly with tail wagging goodness.  The Pet Gift Box delivers a monthly themed box of chews, toys, treats, and accessories.  Our dog’s ears perk up every time we get a new box!  See every item in our Pet Gift Box review below.  Plus enter to win our Pet Gift Box Giveaway.

What is Pet Gift Box – How It Works

Pet Gift Box Review + Coupon

Give your pet a monthly surprise with healthy treats, durable toys, something to chew on, and fashionable accessories delivered to your door.  Plus, get a new theme delivered every month so your pets never get bored.  Customize your pet subscription box for your cat or dog based on their size.

Pet Gift Box Cost: $25/month

Pet Gift Box Coupon $5 OFF

Join now and use our Pet Gift Box Promo Code: BESTSUB5 to save $5 off your first box valid thru 8/31/17.

Pet Gift Box Review for Large Dog Box June 2017

Your pets will know when it’s here, maybe even before you.  As soon as our Pet Gift Box subscription arrived, our animals were sniffing around waiting for it to get opened.  Lily grabbed the bone out of the box before I even had a chance to unwrap it!  Needless to say, she was excited for her treats.  Pet Gift Box came with some great chews, treats, and toys.  They even provided summer pet safety tips.  For only $25, this Pet Gift Box has a good value.

Pet Gift Box Contents

Pet Gift Box Contents Review

Our Pet Gift Box came with a beef rib bone, happy belly probiotic treats, a large squeaky ball toy, a small Frisbee, a tennis ball, and a portable water bowl.  See each item in the Pet Gift Box below.

  • Beef Rib Bone for Large Dog
  • Yo Pup Happy Belly Dog Treats
  • Squeaky Ball with Strap
  • Tennis Ball
  • Flyer (frisbee)
  • Folding Dog Bowl
  • Pet Gift Box Insert Card

Tail Wagger Dog Bone – Estimated Value $7

Pet Gift Box Subscription Review for Dogs Pet Gift Box Dog Subscription Box Review

Of course the Tail Wagger beef rib bone was the first item in the box Lily grabbed.  Once I opened it for her, she lay on her bed chewing on it until the bone was clean.  It was a decent sized bone for a large dog.

Yo Pup Happy Belly Treats Review

Happy Belly Dog Treats – Value $7

This is Lily’s second favorite item in the box because it’s something else to eat.  These Happy Belly probiotic, wheat-free, all natural dog treats get Lily’s tail wagging and ears up.  She loves them and I’m happy knowing I get to feed her a healthy treat.  She loves these and carrots.

Pet Gift Box Subscription Review Large Dog BoxSqueaky Ball – Value $13

Every dog loves a toy that makes a little noise.  This GiGwi Push to Mute chewy squeaky ball comes with a strap to help you toss it around for your pet.  It claims to have a mute button, but I couldn’t get this to work with the push to mute option.  It appears that you’re just supposed to take it out to “mute.”

Pet Gift Box Dog Review + GiveawayTennis Ball – Estimated Value $2

This old favorite is a staple for every dog owner.  A simple tennis ball never gets old to your pet, but they do need replaced every so often.  It’s nice to get a new ball in the Pet Gift Box subscription as a reminder to throw your old one away (…you know, the one that’s flat and doesn’t bounce).

Subscription Box for Dogs/Cats Review + CouponFetch! Flyer – Estimated Value $4

Toss this small Frisbee for your dog if it knows how to catch.  If your dog doesn’t love it, your kids will.  Bring it on your next trip to the park.

Pet Gift Box Review Dog BoxFolding Dog Bowl – Estimated Value $5

Pack away this dog bowl in your tote, or clip it to your jeans when you go on a long walk.  This portable dog bowl will help keep your pet hydrated.

Pet Gift Box Contest Giveaway

Pet Gift Box Giveaway

Enter to win our Pet Gift Box giveaway and get this Pet Gift Box for your dog.  Winner will receive an unopened box with all of the contents above.  How to enter our Pet Gift Box Contest:

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Winner will be chosen at random at the end of August and contacted via Facebook to claim the prize.

Pet Gift Box Subscription Coupon

Show your pet some love today with our Pet Gift Box Coupon for $5 off your first order using BESTSUB5 (valid thru 8/31/17).

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