Meal Delivery Comparison 2017: Best Meal Delivery Services 1

Meal Delivery Comparison 2017 – Best Meal Delivery Services

Best Meal Delivery Services 2017

Comparison of Home Chef vs. Marley Spoon vs. Hello Fresh vs. Blue Apron vs. Sun Basket

Meal Delivery Comparison 2017: Take the stress out of planning dinner!  Sign-up for a meal delivery subscription box to get fresh ingredients and recipes delivered straight to your door.  View our comparison of Home Chef vs. Marley Spoon vs. Hello Fresh vs. Blue Apron vs. Sun Basket below and read our reviews for every box.

Comparison HelloFresh Blue Apron Martha Marley Spoon Sun Basket Home Chef


Since signing up for our first meal delivery service in 2015, we have been sharing our feedback to help you pick the right box.  View our comparison and pick the meal delivery service that’s best for your family.  Or try them all with our meal delivery coupons!


Get Healthy Ingredients & Recipes delivered to your door!

Meal Delivery Comparison between Blue Apron and Hello Fresh and Sun Basket and Home Chef and Marley Spoon

Comparison of

Sun BasketHelloFreshBlue ApronHome ChefMarley Spoon


Sun Basket Values: Organic & Non-GMO produce, Responsible sourcing  – grass fed, antibiotic-free pastured meats & sustainable seafood, Healthy delicious recipes.HelloFresh Values: Always experienced chefs, Fresh & healthy, Trusted suppliers – close relationships with our small farmers, butchers, fish mongers and fellow culinary enthusiasts.Blue Apron Values: Make incredible home cooking accessible to everyone, Farm sourced produce, ethically raised animals, quality ingredients.Home Chef Values: To provide everything you need to bring more delicious meals and moments to the table, no matter how busy you are.Martha & Marley Spoon Values: Making it easier to cook the food you want to eat using seasonal ingredients & simple, delicious recipes.

Meal Plans

Sun Basket Meal Plans:

Classic Menu

Family Plan

HelloFresh Meal Plans:

Classic Box

Veggie Box

Family Box

Blue Apron Meal Plans:

2 Person Plan

Family Plan

Home Chef Meal Plans:

2 Serving + Plans

Martha & Marley Spoon Meal Plans:

Meals for 2-3

Meals for 4

Vegetarian PlanYesYesYesYesYes
Calories per Serving500-800500-800500-700500-900600-1000
Number of Meals/Week3 recipes3, 4, or 52, 3, or 42, 3, 4, 5, 62, 3, or 4
Number of Servings2 or 4 people2 or 4 people2 or 4 people2,4, or 62 or 4
Cost per ServingSun Basket Cost per Meal: $11.49HelloFresh Cost per Meal: $9.99-$11.50Blue Apron Cost per Meal: $8.74-$9.99Home Chef Cost per Meal: $9.95Marley Spoon Cost per Meal: $8.70 – $12.00
Delivery ToMost zip codes in the U.S., excluding AK, HI, MT, and parts of NM.Nationwide (U.S.) Except Hawaii & AlaskaNationwide (to the contiguous U.S.)Most of the contiguous U.S.Most of the contiguous U.S.
Special OffersSun Basket 3 Free Meals PromoHello Fresh $50 Off PromoBlue Apron 3 Free Meals PromoHome Chef $30 Off Promo!Martha & Marley Spoon $60 Off Promo

Meal Delivery Comparison 2017

Read our Meal Delivery Pros & Cons for each meal delivery service.  Rate each meal delivery service to let others know about the best meal delivery service for 2017.

 Meal Delivery Comparison HelloFresh Review HelloFresh Recipe Review

Meal Delivery Comparison Hello Fresh Review + Hello Fresh Coupon June 2017

Make it easy to eat tasty, nutritious meals from scratch at home with a Hello Fresh box.  Their convenient packaging saves you time ensuring your healthy meals is made in 30 minutes. Plus, Hello Fresh meals have really good flavor and large portion sizes.

Hello Fresh Pros: Well balanced meals your entire family will enjoy with leftovers for later.

Hello Fresh Cons: The vegetarian plan offers only 3 recipes per week.

HelloFresh Meals per week: 3-5

Servings: 2 or 4

Hello Fresh Price: $8.74 – $9.99 per serving

Promo Hello Fresh Coupon JuneWith $50 off, you can say goodbye to dinnertime dramas and hello to a fresh 2017!   Claim your Hello Fresh $50 Off coupon.

Read our Hello Fresh Review.

 Meal Delivery Comparison Sun Basket Review

Meal Delivery Comparison Sun Basket Review + Sun Basket Coupon June 2017

Sun Basket is the only meal delivery box that sends all organic & non-GMO ingredients.  Choose from gluten-free, paleo, & vegetarian meal options for those with special diets.  Plus you get to select from 12 meals per week.

Sun Basket Pros: Organic, caters to special diets.

Our Sun Basket Cons: Fresh flavors appreciated by foodies, but palate may not be well suited to families with picky eaters.

Sun Basket Meals per week: 3

Servings: 2 or 4

Sun Basket Price: $11.49 per serving

Special Sun Basket Coupon June 2017 click here: Get 3 Meals Free from Sun Basket!

Read our Sun Basket Review.

  Meal Delivery Comparison Home Chef Review Steak SandwichHome Chef Meal Delivery Review

Meal Delivery Comparison Home Chef Review + Home Chef Coupon June 2017

Home Chef is comfort food in a box.  The recipes are saucy, seasoned, and delicious.  Order as many meals as you’d like and select premium meals for special occasions.  Perfect for those wanting a full week’s worth of meals.  As a bonus, they send you a binder for all of your Home Chef recipes.

Home Chef Pros: Simple meals, option to purchase add-ons including fruit, breakfast, and smoothies.  Enough servings for a large family.

Home Chef Cons: High calories compared to other meal delivery boxes, but recently have been seeing healthier options.

Home Chef Meals per week: 2-6

Servings: 2, 4, or 6

Home Chef Price: $9.95 per serving

Special Offer Home Chef Coupon June 2017 click here: Join Today & Get $30 Off at Home Chef!  Home Chef $30 Off coupon.

Read our Home Chef Review.

 Meal Delivery Comparison Blue Apron Review

Meal Delivery Comparison Blue Apron Review + Blue Apron Coupon June 2017

One of the oldest meal delivery boxes on the market and probably the one you’ve heard the most about is Blue Apron.  Enjoy a wine pairing option, and if you’re a novice in the kitchen, you can also purchase cookware & kitchen tools directly on their site.

Blue Apron Pros: Pair it with wine and get out of your comfort zone by trying new recipes.

Blue Apron Cons: We saw the same seasonal vegetables repeated in different recipes each week.  Would like more variety in seasonal produce.

Blue Apron Meals per week: 2 or 4 for Family Plan, 3 for 2-Person Plan

Servings: 2 or 4

Blue Apron Price: $8.74 – $9.99 per serving

Promo Blue Apron Coupon June 2017 click here: Blue Apron – New Chefs Get $30 Off Their First Order.  Sign-up today to get your Blue Apron $30 Off coupon.

Read our Blue Apron Review.

 Meal Delivery Comparison Martha Stewart Meal Box

Meal Delivery Comparison Martha & Marley Spoon Review + Martha & Marley Spoon Coupon June 2017

Martha Stewart’s meal delivery box has been a delight in our kitchen.  Get good flavor & a great price for families with a cost as low as $8.70/per serving with the 4 meals, 4 person family box.

Marley Spoon Pros: Low cost option for families.

Cons: Vegetarian box only available for the 2 person box, not available for families.

Marley Spoon Meals per week: 2-4

Servings: 2 or 4

Marley Spoon Price: $8.70 – $12.00 per serving

Martha & Marley Spoon Coupon June 2017 click here: Get $60 Off Martha & Marley Spoon Today.  Daily cooking done better.

Read our Martha & Marley Spoon Review.

Meal Delivery Comparisons 2017

Sign-up for any one of these meal delivery services for convenient healthy meals cooked in your own kitchen.  Use our meal delivery coupons above to receive: 3 free meals Sun Basket, 3 free meals Blue Apron, $30 off Home Chef, $60 Off Martha & Marley Spoon, & $50 off HelloFresh.

What are the main differences between Blue Apron, Sun Basket, Marley Spoon, Home Chef, and Hello Fresh?  If you’re looking for an organic meal delivery service with extra dietary options, Sun Basket is the option for you.  Those looking for the cheapest meal delivery service for a family should try Marley Spoon.  If you like to drink, pair wine with your Blue Apron Meal delivery.  Cook quick and simple meals with HelloFresh.  Add extra fruit and smoothies to your order with Home Chef.

 Sun Basket Coupon $35 Off Sun Basket 3 Free Meals Coupon Sun Basket Comparison Review Martha Marley Spoon Coupon $60 Off Martha & Marley Spoon Comparison HelloFresh Coupon $50 Off HelloFresh Comparison Review Home Chef Coupon $30 Off Home Chef Comparison Review Blue Apron Coupon $30 Off Blue Apron 3 Free Meals Blue Apron Comparison Review

Best Meal Delivery Services 2017

Whichever option you choose, get ready for delicious meals brought to your doorstep!  Click on the meal delivery box coupons above to get started!

Try out our choices and leave us a review of your own meal delivery comparison.  Help others by sharing your feedback with fellow subscribers on our site.


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