Le Tote 50% Off 1st 2 Months Clothing Subscription

Le Tote Coupon 50% Off 1st 2 Months Clothing Subscription

Always Have Something New To Wear

Sign-up now for Le Tote 50% off your first 2 Le Tote boxes.  Grab two months for the price of one while the offer lasts! This is an incredibly exciting offer that’s going fast.  Now is the perfect time to start your clothing rental subscription for half price.

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No need to go out and buy new clothes when you can get them delivered right to your door!  Stop filling up your closet with trends that go out of style.  Sign-up for your clothing rental subscription now and always stay on trend.

Plus you can rent maternity clothes!  No need to spend a ton of money on something you’ll only wear a month or two.

What are you getting in your subscription clothing rental?

Here’s a preview of some of the latest items from Le Tote.  Sign-up now for half off your first two months at Le Tote and let us know what styles you loved!


  • Sign-up here to get 50% off your first two months Use Le Tote promo code SUMMER2FOR1 to Save!
  • Get 3 garments & 2 accessories delivered to your door
  • Unlimited times each month
  • Wear everything, send it back (no need to do laundry)
  • Receive your next delivery days later

Why we love it

No need to do laundry when you have a clothing rental subscription.  Just pick your next outfit, wear it, return it and repeat!  For only $59 per month, you’ll always have something new to wear.  Going to a special event?  Rent a new outfit, wear it once and return.  Or decide you absolutely love your outfit?  Keep it as long as you want and decide when to return it later.

Any outfit you buy in the store will likely be over $59 so you are saving a ton of money without having to buy new clothes.  Stop hanging onto items that sit in your closet unworn hoping they will come back in style.

Get smart, get Le Tote for half off your first two months now.  That’s only a total of $59 for two months of unlimited clothing rentals!  You can’t beat that for $29.50 per month.

Click the link above to your clothing paradise!

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