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Julep Beauty Box Subscription

With so many beauty box subscriptions to choose from, what makes Julep so special? Julep promo offers to get your Julep free box! Check and you’ll find a Julep coupon code. We recommend opting for the 3-month subscription because you get your first month FREE! Use Julep coupon code FIRSTBOX at checkout. If you want to start with a month-to-month subscription, use that same code to get Julep 50% off your first box.

Julep is the only fully-customizable beauty box on the market.

Every month between the 20th and the 24th, you get to log in and choose what you want in your box. You can select all Julep beauty products, all Julep nail polish products, or get a mix of both!

Julep Maven allows you to Skip any month.

Unlike most beauty box subscriptions, you can decide to skip any month you’d like (with no charge) or send that month’s box to a friend.  Feeling like sending a surprise, gift Julep to your friends!

You know what you’re getting, every month.

Unlike most beauty box brands, Julep makes all of their own products. All Julep products are cruelty-free and five-free (they don’t use the top 5 toxins found in many makeup brands).

Julep Maven Subscribers get perks galore.

Julep Beauty box subscribers are called Mavens, and Julep Mavens get amazing perks, such as 20% off all Julep purchases, and Julep free shipping (always!) and the chance to help test and choose Julep’s next new beauty colors and products.

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