Flaviar Speakeasy Review

Flaviar Tasting Pack Review


Flaviar Speakeasy Review

Flaviar Speakeasy Review: Private Quarterly Club brings you premium spirits & themed tasting boxes

Flaviar Speakeasy Club Subscription: Flaviar’s Speakeasy Club offers exclusive curated selections of craft and premium spirits plus a themed tasting box delivered to your door every quarter for you and your friends to enjoy.  Flaviar Speakeasy changes the way you taste alcohol by expanding your knowledge and allowing you to experience the world of flavors with different brands of spirits each quarter.  Flaviar’s selected premium spirits come in beautiful 45ml flasks for you to enjoy.

The Flaviar Speakeasy Club benefits:

  • Curated selection of craft and premium spirits
  • Personalized recommendation 
  • Exclusive access to:
    • Special release collections
    • Private bottlings
    • Live tasting events 
    • Industry insights and a vibrant community of like-minded individuals
  • Every quarter members receive:
    • A themed Flaviar tasting box of 3 x 1.5oz samples
    • Flaviar Free shipping on anything 
    • 2 personal invites to the Flaviar club (we are a private club afterall)
  • Flaviar Membership Fee
    • $60 fee per quarter
    • Skip or cancel anytime

Flaviar Speakeasy Review:  The Flaviar Tasting box comes with five 45ml flasks of your chosen spirit, detailed Flaviar tasting instructions, and tasting notes about each alcohol.  Gather your group of 3 and line up your glasses for tasting!  The Flaviar tasting box is sure to bring enjoyment to you and a few friends.  The best part is Flaviar brings the bar home with their tasting boxes at less than the bar tab for three people!

Flaviar Tasting Fruity Booty

Flaviar’s tasting instructions are really detailed so the inexperienced taster can learn how to taste like a pro!  If you’ve never been to an alcohol tasting tasted before, Flaviar gives you general rules to follow for each of the four tasting categories – color, smell, taste, and finish.  This is really helpful and aids in the enjoyment of your alcohol tasting experience.

The first tasting note is the appearance or color of the alcohol, which reveals how the spirit has matured and indicates if the spirit is high in alcohol content.  The second note is the smell of the spirit in which the aromas reveal the primary raw materials and secondary aromas from processing such as spices and aging.  The third tasting note is the taste or palate of the spirit consisting of sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and savory.  The last tasting note is the finish, referring to the length of time the taste lingers in your mouth once swallowed.  You’re looking for an enjoyable, lingering finish.

Flaviar helps you out even more by going into depth about each of the above tasting notes in their Flaviar Tasting Instructions insert with every tasting pack subscription.  If you didn’t know why you were swirling that glass around before, you will now.  Flaviar describes how the alcohol moves around your glass and what it means.  They also suggest the glassware best suited for your spirit of choice.

When you are tasting, don’t forget to compare your tasting experience to the Flaviar tasting notes describing the appearance, smell, flavor, and finish.  You’ll even get a little history on each of the spirits you taste.

Now for the fun part, get ready for the tasting!

Flaviar Review

Preflight Flaviar Checklist:

  • Flaviar tasting pack
  • At least 1 tasting glass for each person, or 1 tasting glass per spirit per person (15 glasses)
  • Glasses of water
  • Unflavored crackers or something to cleanse your palate
  • Snacks to pair with your premium Flaviar spirits


  1. Set up your glasses for tasting. If you want to disguise the brand names, do so now by covering the label on the bottles.  If you are using 15 glasses, you can put 3 glasses in front of each flask you are tasting.  Alternately, you can put a post it note on the bottom of your glasses with the spirit brand name and mix them up.
  2. Taste your spirits and arrange your glasses from best to worst. Flip them over for the reveal!  Covering the labels makes it a little more fun, but if you want to keep it simple you can just use a note pad to write your ratings and tasting notes down.  Most importantly, you will want to note if you like the taste so you can drink it again.
  3. After you have revealed the brands, mix the glasses up once more for tasting and see if you can pair the glass to the brand.

While you are tasting:

  • Try to name flavors you taste and smell.
  • Be descriptive and share your tasting notes with your friends.
  • Pair your snacks with the drinks. Try to find what food matches best with your Flaviar tasting samples.

Click here to Join the Flaviar Speakeasy Club.

Most importantly, have fun, expand your tasting knowledge, and challenge your friends to a Flaviar tasting experience!

Flaviar Tasting Pack Brandy

The Flaviar Tasting Box used for this Flaviar Speakeasy review was the Fruity Booty Brandy Tasting Box.

“Whever extra fruit lay about, a wise man would pick it up, ferment it and distill to create Brandy – the man glorified, the Brandy drank.”

5 different fruits, countries, & cultures

– Pear Brandy from France

– Raspberry Brandy from Austria

– Cherry Brandy from the Swiss Alps

– Apricot Brandy from Hungary

– Plum Brandy from Serbia


What is a Speakeasy?

As many of you know, during the prohibition era in the US, illicit bars where you could drink alcohol were referred to as speakeasy, in the sense that one should speak quietly about them.

It’s 2016, what are you doing?

True, prohibition is not an issue anymore, but 99% of the drinks made are still as inaccessible as they were almost a century ago.

But we’ve got Johnnie, Jack, Jameson and Jim?

Did you know that there are now over 15,000 different spirits on the market and each year hundreds of craft distilleries open their doors? And yet most bars serve just 1% of all spirits available. Although those are fine whiskeys, we believe in diversity and that everyone deserves a place in the spotlight. So Flaviar’s mission is to fight for equal opportunity for producers to reach individuals.   

Flaviar’s Speakeasy Club will bring you spirits you never knew existed.  Join the Speakeasy here now!