Field To Cup Tea Discovery Box Review + Coupon

Field to Cup Tea Discovery Box Review October 2017

Field To Cup Tea Discovery Box Review + Coupon

As we make our way through fall, it’s one of the best times to enjoy the exciting flavors associated with the holiday season.  Pumpkin and cinnamon spices fill the air as we sip our favorite fall tea blends.  October’s Field to Cup Tea Discovery Box sends delicious chai blends with highlights of pumpkin and spice to celebrate the season.  Enjoy the high quality aroma and taste of tea from the comfort of your own home.  Order a Field to Cup tea box for less than $1 per serving and skip the high price tag of a coffee shop.

Field to Cup October Tea Discovery Box

What is a Field To Cup Tea Subscription Box?

Every month, discover new unique tastes and flavors of high quality tea sourced from farms all over the world.  Field to Cup sends you a thoughtfully curated tea box of seasonal selections and staple teas so you can discover new tastes you didn’t know existed.

All of the Field to Cup teas are high quality, loose-leaf teas, and come sealed in individual packages with steeping directions.  Enjoy a few cups of each tea, and get discounts when you order your favorites for the month.

Field to Cup Tea Box Cost: $6.97-$39.97/month

Use Field to Cup Coupon Code for 30% Off all Fall teas: fallfaves

(Field to Cup promo code valid through 10/31/17)

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Field To Cup Tea Discovery Box Details

Field to Cup Tea Subscription Box

35+ cups of fresh loose leaf tea

• 10g each of 7 different teas, enough for 35+ cups. (selection of green, black, white, herbal, fruit, rooibos, and premium teas)

• Automatic members-only 40% off monthly teas.

• Automatic 15% off all other items in store.

• Teas arrive in resealable tea pouches that protect your tea from moisture and light.

• Steeping Guide with detailed preparation instructions and more.
Field to Cup Coupon Code 30% Off

Field To Cup Tea Discovery Box Review October 2017

Field to Cup Tea Box

Living in the South, I drink a lot of sweet tea.  But little did I know, phenomenal tasting tea is out there waiting for the world to discover it.  No, it’s not the kind you buy in the box at the store.  It’s high quality, flavorful goodness in a cup.  Serve it hot, or serve it cold.  But make sure you discover AMAZING tea by ordering your first Field To Cup Tea Discovery Box here.  I promise it’s well worth it!

Field To Cup Tea Review of Quality

Field To Cup Tea Quality Review

Did you know that tea is more than just finely grounded shreds of leaves?  Field to Cup teas are blended from high quality dried fruits, spices, and tea leaves.  You won’t see any tea dust in their packs.  They only send the best quality tea blends so you can see and taste the difference.

Field to Cup Tea Discovery Box Review OctoberThe quality of tea from Field to Cup is apparent when you open the box.  Each tea comes in a sealed pouch with steeping instructions on the bag.  They offer a great variety of several different teas to try both hot and iced tea.  Follow the instructions for the perfect tea and take notes on which ones you want to order next.

Field To Cup October Tea Discovery Box Review of Seasonal Blends

Field to Cup Tea Box October Review

I was really excited when I opened the October tea box and saw the chai blends.  Chai teas are my absolute favorite of all tea.  Make an iced chai latte, or serve it hot on a cold night and you can’t go wrong.  This chai tea has the best cinnamon aroma and really gets you into the fall spirit.

Field To Cup Black Tea Pumpkin Spice Chai

FTC Pumpkin Spice Chai Tea ReviewBeing a chai tea lover, the first tea I tried from Field to Cup was the Pumpkin Spice Chai.  I heated it on the stove with a 50/50 mix of water and nut milk as directed on the pack.  This was hands down the best chai tea I have ever tasted.  My husband and I were both blown away by how good it tasted.  Since then, my husband keeps asking me to make him more Field to Cup tea!

Field To Cup Fruit Tea Review

Tea Subscription Box ReviewThe Orange Vanilla Twist Fruit Tea from Field to Cup had a creamy vanilla flavor, perfect for a warm fall day, served over ice.

Field to Cup Review Iced TeaI’ve tried several different fruit tea box blends from the store and have been disappointed with every one of them.  Field to Cup finally hit the mark on how fruit tea should taste! They actually send you real fruit pieces as the ingredients. 

Once you’ve experienced what high quality tea tastes like, you will be questioning your next purchase in the store.  Even the best quality ones at the supermarket don’t compare to that of Field to Cup.

Field to Cup Tea Box October ReviewMy raving review of Field to Cup honestly quite surprised me since I didn’t know how good tea could actually taste.  If you’ve ever wanted to find a good cup of tea, order the tea discovery box.  If you don’t love your Field to Cup tea, they offer a FREE tea replacement to guarantee your happiness.
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Try it for yourself or give it as a holiday gift and let us know what you think!