Farm Fresh To You Review + Coupon $15 OFF 1st Box

Farm Fresh To You Delivery

Farm Fresh To You Review: Organic Fruit & Veggies Delivered

Farm Fresh To You Coupon $15 OFF 1st Box

Farm Fresh To You is yet another perfect solution for busy lifestyles!  Skip the farmer’s market this weekend and have your farm fresh produce delivered.  Farm Fresh To You delivers fresh organic fruits and vegetables at a reasonable price as compared to the grocery store, but gives you the added convenience of not having to drive anywhere.  With a variety of different choices, you can easily customize your farm fresh box to include/exclude as many items as you want.

Farm Fresh To You Delivery

What is Farm Fresh To You?

Farm Fresh To You delivers fresh, organic fruits and vegetables from the farm to your door.  It’s like getting fresh fruits and vegetables at a farmer’s market, but getting them delivered directly to your house!  Pair your fresh fruit and vegetable delivery with one of these meal delivery services and you’ll have your meals covered.

Farm Fresh To You Promo Code

Receive Farm Fresh To You $15 off your first box with code EATFRESH 

Farm Fresh To You Cost: starting at $26 for a small box


What’s In My Farm Fresh To You Box?

Farm Fresh To You Box Contents

For two people, we ordered the Small Fruit Only Box and customized it to include a few fresh vegetables as well.  Adding the additional vegetables cost an extra $8, but we ended up getting a credit back to our account the day of the delivery for $4.71.  Nothing was missing from the box, so I’m not sure why we got the credit.  Overall, we are pleased with the value and feel like we received a lot of produce for the price.


Farm Fresh To You Recipes are also included with each delivery (sorry for the bad lighting).  See the Honeydew Melon Sorbet and Kale Salad with Pears & Gouda recipes below.


Farm Fresh To You Box Insert

Farm Fresh To You Add-on Items

You can also add on cage-free eggs, honey, jam, and other local products to each order for an additional cost per item.  This added convenience goes beyond a traditional farm box/stand.

Farm Fresh To You Exclusions

Farm Fresh To You Excluded Items


Farm Fresh To You allows you the choice of what you want to receive.  That means you won’t have to waste any fruits or vegetables that you don’t like.

Since I’m not a huge fan of apples, I choose to exclude all varieties of apples except Jazz Apples.  You can exclude as many fruits and vegetables as you’d like from your box.  They will list everything that they send, so you can make sure you don’t receive anything you’ll waste.  And these preferences are of course tied to your box choice, so if you select a Fruit Only Box, you don’t have to worry about filling out your exclusion list for vegetables.

What Farm Fresh To You Boxes Can You Choose From?

You choose the Box Type, Size & Frequency of your deliveries:

  • Mixed Fruit & Veggie
  • Fruit Only
  • Veggie Only
  • No Cooking

Farm Fresh To You Variety

Farm Fresh To You offers a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables you may not otherwise get to choose from.  Some of the seasonal fruits and vegetables sent in their boxes aren’t always offered at the grocery store or may not be at a price you can afford.  Ever heard of a fruit called Feijoa?  Me neither, but if they give me the option I think I’ll have to try it!  If you’re not too adventurous, don’t worry you can add it to your exclusions list.

FeijoaFeijoa (All Varieties)

Farm Fresh To You Benefits

In case you missed all of the great benefits above, we’ll list a few major Farm Fresh To You Benefits below:

  1. Convenience – Organic produce delivered directly to your door saves you time and money at the grocery store.  Set your preferences in the beginning and watch it get delivered on auto-pilot.  No additional work required.
  2. Health – A Farm Fresh To You Delivery is an easy way to make sure you’re eating healthy by snacking on fruits and vegetables throughout the day.
  3. Variety – Farm Fresh To You offers a variety of fresh seasonal produce so you don’t have to get bored of eating the same ones each week.  You can try fruits and vegetables not offered at the grocery store.
  4. Cost – You get $15 Off your first box, so sign-up here: Receive Farm Fresh To You $15 off your first box with code EATFRESH 

Pair Farm Fresh To You with a Meal Delivery service to save you even more time and money.  Find out more by reading Everything You Need to Know About Meal Delivery Services.  Share this with someone who could use some convenience in their life!