Faith Night In Boxes Review

Night In Boxes Review June 2017

Faith Night In Boxes Review

What are Faith Night In Boxes?

Faith Night In Boxes delivers a Christian based date night box to help you grow spiritually as a couple with fun new activities every month.


Faith Night In Boxes Review June 2017

The Faith Night In Box subscription serves as a wonderful monthly devotional. With busy schedules and lives, it serves as a great reminder when you get this box in the mail. Similar to a bible study, you follow along, as it helps strengthen your relationship with God as a couple.

Night In Boxes Review Faith Night In Box

Who would enjoy Faith Night In Boxes?

This Faith Night In Box monthly subscription would be great for couples wanting more to spend more time together, in God’s word, bonding, overcoming strife, or strengthening your relationship. It would be great for new couples as well.  If you want to build a solid relationship with God and your partner, this is the subscription box for you.

Night In Boxes Review

Faith Night In Box Review Details

It took only 3 days to receive my first Night In Boxes, Faith Night In kit.  It arrived promptly to my door. The box looks beautiful and inviting.


Inside the Faith Night In Box:

Faith Night in Boxes Booklet

Dean and Deluca Popcorn

2 sheets of cardstock

Small paper cups (2)

Faith In Boxes journals (2)

Elmer’s glue sticks (2)

12 colored pencils

2 black Bic Pens

2 white wash clothes

1 pencil sharpener

Faith Night In Boxes Experience

Inside I was excited to find everything I needed to have a wonderful night of devotion. With a loved one and this box of goodies, we were able to cozy up and dive into what God had in store for us, for a few hours.  We took an in depth look at 1 Corinthians 13:4-7.  Through honest discussion, a fun activity, and some time for reflection and prayer, we had a great date night in.

Night In Boxes Review Faith Night In Boxes

Faith Night In Box Review

Set The Mood: Start with some great music by going to the Faith Night In Boxes site and selecting the date night soundtrack prepared specifically for your box.  This box was paired with Hillsong United.  Then get comfortable and enjoy some tasty popcorn from Dean & Deluca.  Be sure to have your Bible handy. If you do not have access to one, check out the Bible Gateway App available on your Apple or Android device.

Night In Boxes Review Snack

 We turned down the lights and set out fragrant candles. I found this to be an exciting time.  Seeing what songs we prefer and sharing the reasons why was a good bonding exercise. We spent a great deal of time listening to the worship songs and dancing in our living room… and let’s not forget eating tasty popcorn too!

Faith Night In Box Activities

Discussion Guide: Start off by remembering how you loved each other through each circumstance, even those that weren’t so enduring. Then take time to look into Paul’s writing about love, and the Greek translation.  With the journals provided, dig deeper, with some heartfelt discussion of each:

Love is Patient…

Love is kind…

It does not envy, it does not boast…

Love does not delight in evil, but rejoices with the truth…

We started off reminiscing on how we met, and how our love began to grow. We spent a good deal of time thinking about what attracted us to each other and how we used our love to endure hard aches.

Time to reflect: Time to take a few minutes to bring what is on your heart to the Lord.  Pray and strengthen your love.

We prayed together and asked God to strengthen our love and bond. This was nice, we prayed for each other and together as one.

Faith Night In Boxes Review

Love is… Activity: With the provided materials, write a secret note to your loved one. This is a very beautiful, creative, and sweet reminder of how love is precious, as Paul describes in 1Corinthians.

The activity was nice. A bit underage, but we enjoyed sharing what we appreciate the most about the way we each love.  It is a cute note that I will save for many years.

Night In Boxes  Faith Night In Boxes Review June 2017

The Faith Night In Box was a unique devotional experience with my husband bringing us closer together with God as well as each other.

Build a solid relationship with God and your partner by getting your monthly Faith Night In Boxes delivered to your door.


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