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Meal Delivery Comparison

Everything You Need to Know About Meal Delivery Services & Food Subscription Boxes

With so many options out there, how do you know which one to choose?  There are several different types of meal delivery services and options these days.  We’re giving you the breakdown on each so you can choose the meal delivery service that’s right for you.

Comparison of Meal Delivery Services

Cook Your Own Meals – Recipes & All of the Fresh Ingredients Provided

Meal delivery boxes are the newest approach to eating healthy in our busy lifestyles.  They offer the convenience of meal planning, grocery shopping, and balanced nutrition all in one.  All of these plans offer subscriptions based on a two person plan or a family plan.  Here are the details that stand out about each meal delivery service.

Sun Basket vs. Blue Apron vs. Hello Fresh vs. Home Chef

Sun Basket 3 Free Meals

Sun Basket is offering 3 FREE Meals so you can try their fresh organic meal delivery service!

Sun Basket

Sun Basket’s ORGANIC meal delivery service has the most customized meal plans out there.  If you have a special diet, Sun Basket is the meal delivery service for you.  They offer 5 different meal plans: Gluten-free, Paleo (low-carb, meat & veggies), Vegetarian, Chef’s Choice, and Rise & Shine.  Sun Basket’s Rise & Shine Meal Plan is unique in that it includes 2 breakfasts, and 2 dinners per week.  All farm fresh ingredients are organic, sustainably sourced, and non-GMO.  Sun Basket delivers 3 meals per week and costs $11.49 per meal.

Special Offer: Sun Basket 3 Free Meals

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Blue Apron Box

Blue Apron

Blue Apron’s meal delivery service comes with the option to pair it with a wine delivery and is the cheapest meal plan when you select 4 meals per week.  Each recipe has tasting notes along with the recommended wine pairing for that meal.  For just $10 per bottle, you can add-on Blue Apron’s Wine Delivery hand selected to pair perfectly with your Blue Apron meals.  Blue Apron also has a market where you can purchase all of the tools you need to cook any Blue Apron meal.  Choose between a 2 person plan or a family plan and customize your dietary preferences in your account (vegetarian, no lamb, no seafood, etc.).  Blue Apron delivers 2-4 meals per week and costs between $9.99 – $8.74 per meal depending on your selection.

Special Offer: Blue Apron 3 Free Meals

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Hello Fresh Meal Delivery

Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh’s meal delivery service offers the most number of meals so your dinner is planned all week long.  Select from the Hello Fresh Classic Box, Veggie, or Family plan and get 3-5 meals per week.  If you’re on the two person plan, each week you can select from a choice of 6 different meals.  Hello Fresh costs between $11.50 – $9.99 per meal depending on your plan selection. Special Offer: Hello Fresh $50 Discount on your 1st 2 boxes use Hello Fresh promo code: SEP50HF.

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Home Chef Box

Home Chef

Home Chef’s meal delivery service offers fruit and smoothie add-ons for your meals and occasionally offers premium meals for special occasions.  Home Chef is the only meal delivery service that gives you the option to send fruit with your meals.  Once you sign-up you can set your meal and dietary preferences for 2-6 meals per week & 2-6 servings.  Home Chef costs $9.95 per meal.

Special Offer: Home Chef 3 Free Meals

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We want to know what you think – leave a comment or write a review.  How was this comparison of Sun Basket vs. Blue Apron vs. Hello Fresh vs. Home Chef?  Still want more details?  Read our Comparison of Blue Apron vs Hello Fresh vs Sun Basket.

Prepared Meals – Ready to Eat, Just Warm Up

For those too busy to cook, there are two great meal delivery options that deliver fully prepared meals to your door – Freshly & Trifecta.  Simply heat up your meal and enjoy!  Prepared meals are also a great option for lunch so you can just grab and go.  Want the best of both worlds?  Pair one of these prepared meal options with a cook-your-own meal delivery option above to make your own dinners and have prepared lunches for work.

Freshly vs. Trifeta

Freshly Prepared Meal Delivery


Freshly’s meal delivery service sends healthy chef-prepared meals weekly.  Freshly’s menu is built around ingredients with high quality protein, no added sugars or artificial sweeteners, low-glycemic carbs, nutrient rich veggies, and are always gluten-free.  Select 6, 9, 12 or 21 delicious meals each week from Freshly’s rotating menu.  Your meals are fully-prepared and ready to eat in 2 minutes.  Freshly costs $10.90-$11.50 per meal.

Special Offer: Freshly Meal Plan 50% off

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Trifecta Prepared Meal Delivery


Trifecta fully-prepared meals are built around a high protein, limited carb diet specifically designed to decrease body fat while sustaining muscle.  Trifecta’s meal delivery service sends you fully-prepared meals that are Gluten-Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, non-GMO, and USDA Certified Organic.  Choose from 4 meal plans: Clean Eating, Paleo, Vegetarian, and Vegan.  Trifecta’s meals are between 300-550 calories per serving and they offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Trifecta costs $13.99-15.49 per meal.

Both Freshly and Trifecta could easily fit into the weight loss category below based on their healthy menu options.


Image result for weight loss programs

Weight Loss – Dietary Weight Loss Meal Programs

If your specific goal is to lose weight, then Bistro MD and Diet To Go have custom tailored, fully-prepared meal options designed for you.  Diet To Go’s meal plans are a little more general, while Bistro MD offers more specific programs.  Read our short comparison between Bistro MD and Diet To Go below.

 Bistro MD vs. Diet To Go

Bistro MD Meals

Bistro MD

Take control of your weight loss.  Doctor designed, chef prepared meal delivery service directly to your door.  Get your custom diet plan for weight loss.  Whatever reason you want to lose weight, Bistro MD has a plan for you.  From weight loss aimed at getting you down to a healthy weight, to lose the baby weight, or lose weight for your wedding, give their Registered Dietitians the information they need to build a satisfying and delicious personalized diet plan that is custom-built to your tastes.

Weight loss programs are specially designed by gender along with even more specific programs catered to your needs such as a Gluten-free Weight Loss Program, Diabetic Program, Menopause Program, and Senior Meal Plan Program.  Bistro MD has the perfect weight loss plans for both men and women.  Get started with your weight loss program now.

Special Offer: Bistro MD $89 for 1st week

Diet To Go Meals

Diet To Go

Reach your weight loss goals with Diet To Go.  On average, customers have lost 10 pounds in 30 days with Diet To Go’s meal plans.  They’re committed to helping busy people lose weight and keep it off.  Choose from one of three menus and customize your plan to fit your taste and lifestyle.  Diet To Go has 3 delicious menus to choose from: Balance Menu, Balance Diabetes Menu, & Carb 30 Menu.

Special Offer: Diet To Go promo 10% Off


Hello Fresh vs. Blue Apron vs. Sun Basket vs. Home Chef vs. Freshly vs. Trifecta vs. Bistro MD vs. Diet To Go

With a myriad of choices for meal delivery services, there’s an option fit for everyone out there.  Read our Top Meal Delivery Boxes for 2017.

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