Comparison of Blue Apron vs Hello Fresh vs Sun Basket 3

Comparison of Blue Apron vs HelloFresh vs Sun Basket

Looking to take the stress out of planning dinner for the week?  These 3 meal delivery services will take the guesswork out of meal planning and deliver ingredients and recipes straight to your door.  Get a comparison of Blue Apron vs HelloFresh vs Sun Basket and pick the meal delivery service that’s best for you!

 Meal Planning Made Easy – Healthy Ingredients & Recipes delivered to your door!  

Comparison of Blue Apron vs Hello Fresh vs Sun Basket

Sun Basket 3 Free Meals

Sun Basket


Blue Apron

Sun Basket Values: Organic & Non-GMO produce, Responsible sourcing  – grass fed, antibiotic-free pastured meats & sustainable seafood, Healthy delicious recipesHelloFresh Values: Always experienced chefs, Fresh & healthy, Trusted suppliers – close relationships with our small farmers, butchers, fish mongers and fellow culinary enthusiastsBlue Apron Values: Make incredible home cooking accessible to everyone, Farm sourced produce, ethically raised animals, quality ingredients
Meal PlansSun Basket Meal Plans:

Chef’s Choice

Rise & Shine




HelloFresh Meal Plans:

Classic Box

Veggie Box

Family Box

Blue Apron Meal Plans:

2 Person Plan

Family Plan

Vegetarian PlanYesYesYes
Calories per Serving500-800500-800500-700
Number of Meals3 recipes3, 4, or 52, 3, or 4
Number of Servings2 or 4 people2 or 4 people2 or 4 people
Cost per ServingSun Basket Cost per Meal: $11.49/mealHello Fresh Cost per Meal: Starting at $11.50 or $9.99/meal depending on box and # of mealsBlue Apron Cost per Meal: $8.74 or $9.99/meal
Delivery ToSunbasket delivery to: CA, WA, CO, UT, OR, AZ, NV, IDHello Fresh delivery to: Nationwide (U.S.) Except Hawaii & AlaskaBlue Apron delivery to: Nationwide (to the contiguous U.S.)
Recyclable PackagingFree return label to recycleYesRecycle at home or Free return label for 2 or more deliveries worth of packaging together
Special OffersSun Basket 3 Free MealsHello Fresh $25 Off 1st OrderBlue Apron 3 Free Meals

Sun Basket, HelloFresh, and Blue Apron are all great choices for convenient healthy meals cooked in your own kitchen.  Plus you can try any or all of the above meal delivery services using our special offers to receive 3 free meals from Sun Basket, 3 free meals from Blue Apron, or $25 off your first order from HelloFresh.

What are the main differences between Blue Apron vs Sun Basket vs Hello Fresh?  If you’re looking for an organic meal delivery service with extra dietary options, Sun Basket is the option for you.  However, Sun Basket’s delivery locations are currently limited to the West Coast.  If you’re looking for the cheapest meal delivery service, the cost of Blue Apron is slightly lower than Sun Basket or HelloFresh.  But if you’re looking to make a healthy dinner every night, HelloFresh offers the most number of weekly meals offering as many as 5 meals per week.

Whichever option you choose, get ready for delicious meals brought to your doorstep!  Click on the Special Offer links below to get started!

Special OffersSun Basket 3 Free MealsHello Fresh $25 Off 1st OrderBlue Apron 3 Free Meals

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3 thoughts on “Comparison of Blue Apron vs Hello Fresh vs Sun Basket

  • icancooknow

    Hi there all!

    I just signed up for Hello Fresh and I LOVE it! I’m finally cooking at home most nights instead of paying to go out for unhealthy prepared meals! I recommend it for sure. I used the code and got $40 off my first box.

    Happy cooking!

  • April Gianpicolo

    I am looking to gift & try Blue Apron for myself but not for every week. Would that be possible to only do it once a month? Also, my daughter is a new Mom & her family live in Denver & I thought gifting them a meal or two w/ Sun Basket/Blue Apron? Both of us are on a limited budget so we don’t want a long term contract.

    Best Regards

    • Melissa Post author

      Hi April, most of the food subscription boxes allow you to skip anytime you’d like. You can order just one box per month and even skip boxes weeks ahead of time. Give one of them a try and see how you like it.

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