BurgaBox Review + Coupon: The BEST Burger You Will Ever Make

BurgaBox Review Feb 2017

BurgaBox Review: The BEST Burger You Will Ever Make + Piles of Sides

BurgaBox Review: Ready to make the best burger ever?  Take our BurgaBox challenge to see if you can feast on the entire box of yummy goodness.  The first ever burger box subscription easily rates five stars and then some.  The burgers are piled high with meat, cheese, and toppings.  The sides are mouthwatering – convenient, no prep, heat & serve style.  A food coma waiting to happen, well worth every bite.

BurgaBox Video

The Full BurgaBox Experience – Unboxing & Cooking BurgaBox

What Is BurgaBox?

From the founders of The Boston Burger Company, the BurgaBox is a burger subscription box that sends you all of the ingredients you need to make a huge feast including your piled high burger, heavenly delicious mac & cheese, the perfect potato wedges, baked beans, and coleslaw.  You can choose the BurgaBox of the Month Club to get a monthly themed BurgaBox or select a one-time purchase of a feast kit and extra sides.

BurgaBox Cost: starting at $59

BurgaBox Coupon $10 off

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BurgaBox Review + CouponWhat’s In BurgaBox?

  • Two never-before-seen 8 oz burgers
  • One 16 oz. tray of over-the-top mac & cheese
  • One 16 oz. tray of original recipe loaded French fries
  • Two sides of BBC slaw
  • Two sides of Boston’s famous baked beans
  • Easy to follow cooking instructions

BurgaBox of the Month Club Subscription Details

Your monthly themed BurgaBox ships on the 3rd Wednesday of every month.  BurgaBox will announce the theme of the box on the 1st of the month, so you can decide to enjoy, pause, cancel, or renew your subscription.

BurgaBox Review February 2017 – The Muffaletta Burger

What's In BurgaBox?

I have immensely enjoyed every part of the cooking and eating experience of BurgaBox.  You get two gigantic burgers piled high with toppings for a burger-lover’s paradise.  I’ve always been terrible at making burgers at home, but these burgers were over the top delicious.  You can’t fail with the ingredients they give you for the most amazing burger you will ever make.

These burgers are rightfully famous too – The Boston Burger Company won Rachael Ray’s battle of the best burger and Guy Fieri stopped by and did an episode of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.  So not only are you getting competition winning burgers, but you’re able to get them at home.  You don’t have to travel to Boston just to try these famous burgers!

The Burgers

BurgaBox Review + Coupon  BurgaBox Meat Review

We received the February BurgaBox themed after the famous Muffuletta sandwich, first created in 1906 at Central Grocery in New Orleans, LA.  I had the pleasure of eating a Muffuletta sandwich from Central Grocery when I visited NOLA in 2015, so I can honestly compare the quality and taste.  I enjoyed the Muffaletta Burger far more than the Muffuletta sandwich from Central Grocery.

BurgaBox Review + Coupon

February’s BurgaBox, The Muffaletta Burger, was over the top delicious.  The olive tapenade was so good, I piled on as much as the bun could hold.  BurgaBox’s creation of the Muffaletta Burger was outstanding.

BurgaBox Review

The BurgaBox Experience

The burgers were really easy to prepare.  All you have to do is season the meat, cook, and top with the other meats and cheese.  Heat up the bun, chop the lettuce and tomato, then layer it on.  The sides come already prepared.  Just heat them up and put them on your plate.

BurgaBox Mac & Cheese ReviewBurgaBox Mac N Cheese Review

If you’re a huge fan of mac & cheese you may be saying enough about the burger, what about the mac?  The BurgaBox Mac & Cheese for February was Jambalaya Mac n Cheese and it was phenomenal.  It is the best macaroni and cheese I have ever eaten at home.  It had some sausage in it, macaroni, cheese and whatever else made it taste amazing.


BurgaBox Potato Wedges ReviewBurgaBox Potato Wedges Review

I don’t know how they do it, but the potato wedges come in a really thin coating of awesomeness.  Add a little oil to them and bake.  They come out perfect.

February’s BurgaBox came with Bayou Fries – potato wedges, cajun seasoning, and remoulade.


BurgaBox Baked Beans Review

BurgaBox Baked Beans & Coleslaw Review

Baked beans and coleslaw all taste about the same to me.  That being said, they were pretty good.  BurgaBox’s baked beans are ready to heat and serve.  They coleslaw is ready to put on your plate.


BurgaBox Review CouponBurgaBox Nutrition Facts?

My BurgaBox review has shown how delicious this food is going to be, but one thing we noticed is that BurgaBox leaves out the nutrition facts.  Not showing the nutritional information may be misleading, but you can bet on the box being high calorie.  My husband and I only needed to share one burger and it was still way more than we could eat.  The two burgers plus sides are easily a 4 person meal!

Subscribing to this box once a month, we say don’t worry about the nutrition facts and just go for it!

February BurgaBox

BurgaBox Review

Ready to have an amazing better-than-restaurant quality burger experience at home?   Sign-up here for your BurgaBox experience today.  Use BurgaBox promo code: BESTSUB10 for our exclusive offer of $10 off your BurgaBox of The Month Subscription.  It’s a genius gift idea too.

BurgaBox is so sure you’ll love it, they offer a 100% money back guarantee.  We’d love to know what you think after your BurgaBox experience.  Sign-up here.


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