Book of the Month Review: An Enticing Way to Read More

Book of the Month

Book of the Month Review: An Enticing Way to Read More

Have you ever thought to yourself, I should be reading more books?  Well here’s a way to entice you to put down the remote and pick up that new novel.  All it takes is signing up for the Book of the Month club, and BAM you have books delivered straight to your door.  How do you choose which book to read?  Don’t worry, that’s easy too.  A panel of five judges each select a book for the current month and you get to choose your favorite pick from a variety of genres.

Book of the Month Subscription DetailsBook of the Book

  • Book of the Month works hard to bring you well-written, immersive stories that are truly worth reading.
  • 5 of the best stories, hand picked, and carefully choosen by judges
  • Your monthly book club includes the choice of 1 hardcover book
  • Free shipping, delivered straight to your door
  • Skip any month
  • Add on extra books for just $9.99


1-month plan = $16.99 per month
3-month plan = $14.99 per book, or $44.97
12-month plan = $11.99 per book, or $143.88

Book of the Month Coupon Code

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Book of the Month Review

With so many books out there, how do you choose what to read?  Sure you can browse the best sellers list, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be reading the best books out there.  And neither does a book club, but it’s a great way to start!  With expert judges giving you a selection from five books, you’re sure to find something you will like.  Wanting to try a new genre, but not sure where to start?  Book of the Month makes it easy to find a variety of great reads by giving you a little something from a broad range of genres and a mix of both fiction and non-fiction.

For our first month, we choose The Nest by guest judge Ellie Kemper.  Follow four siblings in this irresistible, funny, and compassionate family drama.  This book proved to be a good read, giving us trust in the monthly book selections chosen by the judges.

The book club was easy to sign-up for and the selections were sent out on schedule.  We received our book shortly after the 7th.  Each delivery comes nicely packaged in a subscription box with a book, a note from the judge, a note from BOTM, and a bookmark with a quote on the opposite side.



1.On the 1st of the month, Book of the Month will send you an email announcing 5 new book selections chosen by their panel of Judges.
New Selections

2.Between the 1st and 6th of the month, visit the website to choose which selection you would like to receive as your Book of the Month. If you don’t have a chance to visit, that’s ok too as they will select one for you.
My Box

3.On the 7th of the month, your box will ship. When you’re done reading your books, be sure to head over to the Magazine or the Discussions to see what other members are saying.
Ships on the 7th

Choose Your Book of the Month Selection

“Follow the nastily fun antics of four inheritance-grubbing siblings, infiltrate the Taliban with a maverick CIA agent, live through a reimagining of the Hindenburg explosion, and more. Also, a big warm welcome to April’s Guest Judge, the comedian, “unadulterated dork,” and star of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Ellie Kemper.”
All April Selections


A Mother's Reckoning
The Nest
Flight of Dreams
Left of Boom
No One Knows

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