Blue Apron Review + Coupon $30 Off

Blue Apron Review January 2017

Blue Apron Review + Coupon $30 Off

Blue Apron’s meal delivery service is fresh and convenient!  Get a week of meals packaged, prepped, and delivered straight to your door.  Your first delivery costs only $30 with our Blue Apron Coupon.  Delicious dinner with easy to follow recipes starts with a meal delivery box.

Blue Apron Meal Delivery

What is Blue Apron?

Blue Apron is a meal delivery subscription box that sends you all of the ingredients and recipes needed to prepare and cook a meal from scratch.  Blue Apron is one of the oldest meal delivery boxes on the market and probably the one you’ve heard the most about.  Blue Apron offers a few unique services including a wine pairing option, and if you’re a novice in the kitchen, you can also purchase cookware and kitchen tools directly from their site.

Blue Apron Cost: $8.74 – $9.99 per serving

Blue Apron Coupon $30 OffBlue Apron – New Chefs Get $30 Off Their First Order.


Blue Apron How It Works

Blue Apron gives you the choice between two plans.  Once you proceed to select your plan, you can continue to select your dietary preferences.

Blue Apron 2-Person Plan

Seasonally-inspired meals for 2

Recipes per week: 3 (EACH SERVES 2)

Price per serving: $9.99

Weekly total: $59.94

Shipping is always free.
Skip any week. Cancel any time.

 Blue Apron Family Plan

Family-style meals for 4

Recipes per week: 2 or 4 (EACH SERVES 4)

Price per serving: $8.74

Weekly total: $69.92

Shipping is always free.
Skip any week. Cancel any time.

Blue Apron Dietary Preferences

Blue Apron Dietary Preferences

Blue Apron Review January 2017

We’ve cooked several Blue Apron Meals the last year and the food has always been good.  Not only do you learn cooking techniques, but you also get to taste food you would never think of pairing together.  The flavors and ingredients are well thought out and mix together perfectly.  I consider myself a picky eater, and I enjoy Blue Apron Meals a great deal.  Blue Apron meals are healthy, convenient, affordable, and tasty.

Pros: Try new recipes and flavors with a wine pairing for each meal.

Cons: FedEx occasionally delivers Blue Apron boxes a day late depending on the FedEx in your area.


Blue Apron Menu Selection

Blue Apron Meal Selection


Blue Apron Review of Recipes

January’s Blue Apron Box has been one of my favorite Blue Apron Vegetarian Boxes.  Our Blue Apron delivery contained 3 vegetarian meals for the 2 person plan.  The box contained all ingredients to cook a two-serving meal for 3 recipes.  Each recipe card lists all of the ingredients on the front and has easy to follow instructions listed on the back, including a picture to visualize the steps.

Spicy Korean Rice Cakes

Blue Apron Review Vegetarian Box

Mushroom & Spinach Stromboli

Blue Apron Vegetarian Review

 Sweet Potato Quesadillas

Blue Apron Vegetarian Box

 The spicy soy & black bean sauce in this stir fry recipe reminded me I should be eating more Asian food. This stromboli recipe has been my favorite Blue Apron meal so far due to amazing flavor & my love of Italian food. The sweet potato and green chiles pair well with this filling quesadilla served with an avocado salad on the side.

Farm-sourced produce | Quality ingredients | Responsible Farming & Ranching

Blue Apron Recipe Card & Instructions

Blue Apron recipes have easy to follow instructions.

Blue Apron Recipe Card

My husband made this meal for us and had a little trouble stuffing the dough with the stromboli filling.  It still came out beautifully and tasted amazing.

Blue Apron Recipe Card

Blue Apron Review of Serving Sizes

When you sign-up for the Blue Apron 2 Person Plan, each recipe is supposed to have two servings.  I find the serving sizes for my husband and I have been quite large with an additional serving to spare.  I would recommend the Blue Apron 2 Person Plan for 3 adults, or even 2 adults with 2 children.  If you find that the serving sizes are not enough for your family of four, you can always switch to the Blue Apron Family Plan.  If you are looking to save money, this is a great way to do so on your groceries!


Blue Apron Packaging

Blue Apron Review of Packaging

Blue Apron meals are delivered in a cardboard box with the ingredients inside of an insulated bag.  Underneath the fresh ingredients is a piece of cardboard separating the meat which is placed on top of ice packs.  The food inside has always been cold after sitting on our doorstep all day.  All of the ingredients are clearly labeled and easy to store.  Each recipe comes with its own bag of “knick knacks” containing spices and special ingredients for each recipe.  Once received, the ingredients can be stored for about a week in your refrigerator.  If you don’t plan on cooking your meals during the week, you can either put them in the freezer or skip a delivery for the week.


Blue Apron Benefits

  • Convenience
  • Learn cooking techniques
  • Healthy recipes
  • No wasted ingredients


Blue Apron Review + Blue Apron Coupon $30 Off

I can’t say enough how much I enjoy cooking Blue Apron meals.  Meals are very convenient and incredibly delicious.  I was a little skeptical at first, but they’ve definitely won me over.  Sign-up for our newsletter and don’t miss out on our next meal delivery coupons and reviews.

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