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Blue Apron Meal DeliveryBlue Apron Curried Catfish Ingredients

Blue Apron Review August + Blue Apron $30 Off or 3 Free Meals Coupon

Blue Apron’s meal delivery service is fast, fresh, and convenient!  Get a week of meals packaged, prepped, and delivered straight to your door.  Open your first delivery with 3 Free Blue Apron Meals, read the recipes, unpack the contents and start cooking.  Delicious dinner with easy to follow recipes starts here.

Blue Apron Review August 2016: Curried Catfish & Coconut Rice

Blue Apron ContentsWe received our first Blue Apron meal delivery and were happy to find all of the fresh ingredients were still cold inside the box.  All of the ingredients were clearly labeled and easy to store.  Each recipe comes with it’s own bag of “knick knacks” containing spices and special ingredients for each recipe.   Once received, the ingredients can be stored for about a week in your refrigerator.  If you don’t plan on cooking your meals during the week, you can either put them in the freezer or skip a delivery for the week.

Our Blue Apron delivery contained 3 meals for the 2 person plan.  The box contained all ingredients to cook a two-serving meal for 3 recipes.  Each recipe card lists all of the ingredients on the front and has easy to follow instructions listed on the back , including a picture to visualize the steps.

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Blue Apron Delivery Curry Catfish Ingredients

Blue Apron Curried Catfish & Coconut Rice Review

Blue Apron Curried Catfish InstructionsThe first recipe we cooked was the Blue Apron Curried Catfish and Coconut Rice.  As you can see above, the recipe came with several ingredients all clearly labeled and measured out.  To prepare the ingredients, just follow the instructions on the back of the recipe card; washing the vegetables and cutting them up prior to cooking.  The most time consuming part was cutting off the ends of the green beans.  Other than that, the rest of the cooking process was fairly quick.

Following the recipe instructions may also introduce you to new cooking techniques.  Prior to making this fish, I always wondered how to get the seasoning to stick to the meat without it coming off in the pan.  It turns out this is pretty simple, just coat the meat in the seasoning on a plate and pan cook it in a thin layer of oil.  Doing this, the fish came out just as shown in the recipe.

Blue Apron Seasoned Catfish

Although I have never liked Indian food due to the curry flavor, I decided to give this recipe a try since my husband likes it.  I was pleasantly surprised that this dish had amazing flavor.  Each ingredient paired together nicely and the curry didn’t over power the dish.  I would have never thought to pair these ingredients together.  Plate your meal as shown in the photos and take a bite of each ingredient together for the best flavor.

Blue Apron Curried Catfish and Coconut Rice

I couldn’t believe that the recipe was so good!  I’m so glad we are getting Blue Apron so I can try new healthy recipes I may have never discovered otherwise.  I have always been one of those people who are afraid to try a new recipe if it doesn’t sound good or think the ingredients wouldn’t pair well.  Blue Apron has definitely proved me wrong and opened me up to trying new recipes.  I will now look at cookbooks and recipes with a new view.

Blue Apron Curried Catfish Plated

I can’t say enough how much we love Blue Apron so far.  Their meal delivery service is extremely convenient and the meals are incredibly delicious.  Not only are we being introduced to new ingredients, but we’re learning new cooking techniques as well.

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Blue Apron Cost 2-Person Plan

Seasonally-inspired meals for 2

 Blue Apron Cost Family Plan

Family-style meals for 4

Recipes per week: 2 or 4 (EACH SERVES 4)
Price per serving: $8.74
Weekly total: $69.92

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